Build your own plane

Beginning in 2006 I made it my project to build my own aircraft using only commercially available parts. I would not settle on anything smaller than a two-seater and it needed to have respectable power and comfort. I have provided all of the information you could need to construct your aircraft.

Recent Press

Happy New Year! We have released the newest parts list for the All Glass Cockpit! If you have been waiting until the new list has been released, purchase today. We only have 50 paper copies in stock. We are offerring a 10% off Code HappyNewYear for any purchases made today!

Hello! We are happy to have sold over 1,000 copies of our blueprints and have given out over 2,000 to rising industrialists in the student world. As a part of this celebration, we are going to be releasing a new parts list soon. This parts list is going to include a brand new all glass cockpit that uses an iPad as the main display unit! If you already own our parts lists, you can purchase this addition for $25.

Hey there everybody. I am happy to announce that we are releasing a Build It Yourself guide today that can be found on our Products Page for only $35! This will be a guide to help you build your plane regardless of whether you use our part list or not.

Welcome to our new site! I am hoping to see a lot of our clients using this site to reference our growing assortment of material! I have a guide in the works, and a dream for a 6th part list, but more on that later! For now, explore the site and feel free to message me!

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