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Beginning in 2006 I made it my project to build my own aircraft using only commercially available parts. I would not settle on anything smaller than a two-seater and it needed to have respectable power and comfort. I have provided all of the information you could need to construct your aircraft.

First Prototype
Finished Version

Products by Cvjetkovic

Cvjetkovic-Aircraft is all about putting the power of the sky in your hands. I have built the parts list, the ordering guide, a construction guide, and blueprints to guide you. These Published material can be purchased individually or it can be purchased as our Build Your Own- Guaranteed package where we guarantee you will have a functioning aircraft within a year or your money back. Read about how these products were developped on our About Page!

1. Blueprints - $250

This image is a sketch only, not to scale or with proportions.

Designing functioning blueprints is one of the most easily screwed up parts of this project. It is easy to accidentaly make a mistake regarding your scale or to not count your proper ends. This alone will result in an unusable assortment of parts that you may not realize does not fit together until too late. Easily one of the most aggravating experiences, this can be avoided by having proffessional blueprints drawn up. This can cost thousands of dollars however, and will nulify any cost benefit of building your own aircraft. That leaves using our professionaly completed and fully tested blueprints to build your aircraft. We sell these blueprints for $250. Order Now

2. Parts List - $75

This image is an excerpt only, not to scale or with proportions.

If you have a design already in mind, or do not want to build out of our suggested materials, you will still find it incredibly useful to use our parts list. We have assembled 5 differrent builds that you can complete that have all compatible parts and provide differrent price and performance marks. We are currently creating a 6th build that will have an all glass cockpit. This will come with any purchases made during or after 2015. All purchases made before 2015 will require a 25$ upcharge to receive the new parts list. Order Now

3. Guide - $35

This image is not of our book but is an example of a guide.

If you have a design in mind and have an extensive knowledge of parts, then all you need is the know how of how to put it together. Luckily, we have assembled an illustrated and concise aircraft assembly guide. We use the parts that we suggest, but the general assembly of an aircraft follows the same workflow. This guide can prevent hours of time wasting mistakes and a lot of aggravations for only $35 Order Now

See our free sketch in the footer!

4. Other Guides

Comprehensive Guide to Jet Card Programs

This is a guide to unique jet card programs around the world. If you sometimes prefer to be the passenger, and travel a lot, a jet card program is something to look into. We will help you find the best one! Order Now

Plane Spotting Guide

Is another hobby of yours plane-spotting? Yet another comprehensive guide of ours: Plane-Spotting! With pictures from all angles, and a complementary phone app, this is your one-stop shop to naming every aircraft you see. Order Now

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