Build your own plane

Beginning in 2006 I made it my project to build my own aircraft using only commercially available parts. I would not settle on anything smaller than a two-seater and it needed to have respectable power and comfort. I have provided all of the information you could need to construct your aircraft.

Contact Cvjetkovic

Please allow us to make your dream come true. Our products are absolutely the best way to assist you in producing the aircraft that you want. Please use the form below to contact us regarding sales. Leave your name, email, and let us know what product you want. I have an invoicing system that will automatically send you a paypal or credit card entry method secured by the provider. Then once paid, I will email you the download link or the tracking info if you wanted a paper copy.

Contact Information

  • Glenn Cvjetkovic
  • 3425 Columbia Road
  • Denver, CO 80202
  • 303-228-3508
  • Please keep calls limited to Monday-Friday 11am-3pm