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Beginning in 2006 I made it my project to build my own aircraft using only commercially available parts. I would not settle on anything smaller than a two-seater and it needed to have respectable power and comfort. I have provided all of the information you could need to construct your aircraft.

First Prototype
Finished Version

About Cvjetkovic

Back in 2006, I suffered a tragic incident. I had a Skyhawk 172 for over 12 years that I absolutely adored flying. Unfortunately, a gust of wind during a landing resulted in a botched landing. While no-one was injured, I was unable to salvage much of the aircraft.

The aircraft had been purchased using a long term savings account from a discounted dealer. I do not make much, but not having an aircraft is out of the question. I looked for anything that I could afford but was unable to achieve anything. Looked at the wreckage of my plane and decided to try and rebuild it. After hours of searching and fixing, I realized this was a hopeless endeavor. However, I did already have many of the parts for an aircraft, and the parts that were destroyed were the simplest parts to fashion.

I have a background in mechanics but only on a superficial level as I have a desk job. I say this to show you how easy it is to build your own plane without paying the extensive costs that come with the brands. The hardest part of this entire project was by far assembling parts lists, building blueprints, and first assembly. I realized that these steps were probably the only things keeping many people from building their own aircraft and I decided I would make a publishing quality guide to each of these. - If you're curious, I built my new aircraft at the Orlando Airport near the Sheltair facility. While building it in one of the private hangars I got a surprising amount of interest from everyone. Employees from the FBOs, other owners, passersby.

Cvjetkovic-Aircraft is all about putting the power of the sky in your hands. I have built the parts list, the ordering guide, a construction guide, and blueprints to guide you. These Published material can be purchased individually on our Products Page or it can be purchased as our Build Your Own- Guaranteed package where we guarantee you will have a functioning aircraft within a year or your money back.

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